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Coolant, anti-freeze, radiator service… call it what you will, but the bottom line is that you need regular cooling service to keep your vehicle running properly.  Ignoring the coolant level in your vehicle is one of the most common mistakes made by today’s drivers.  Without regular radiator service, your vehicle is at risk of experiencing a broken hose, overheating, radiator damage, and many other problems.  The good news, however, is that we have a staff full of master mechanics who specialize in automotive cooling system service and maintenance.

Here are Ridgeway Sunoco, we make it easy to ensure that your cooling system is functioning properly.  Whether it’s an anti-freeze top off, a flush and fill service, high pressure radiator cleaning, or a routine coolant inspection, we are committed to providing the same high level of service, regardless of how big or small your job is.

Our Radiator and Coolant Service Helps Protect Your Vehicle

  • Full Service Cooling System Repairs by Expert Mechanics
  • Offering Radiator Flush and Fill in Rochester at Unbeatable Prices
  • Courtesy Inspection of Radiator, Hoses, Anti-Freeze and more!
  • Antifreeze Top-Off and Full Service Power Flush Available
  • Fast, Affordable Cooling Service for Rochester NY drivers!
  • 100% Guarantee on all Radiator and Coolant Services Performed

The last thing any of us want is to see smoke pouring from our vehicle’s engine.  But that’s the reality for those who don’t have regular coolant service.  Don’t risk it.  Let our team of cooling system specialists inspect and maintain your vehicle today.  We’ll have you back on the road in no time at all!

Flush cooling system, drain and fill engine coolant, pressure test, check hoses, cap and connection.

Install BG Cooling System Corrosion Control Kit

For more information on our Rochester NY auto repair services, 24/7 emergency towing, or to speak with someone at the shop directly, call Ridgeway Sunoco at 585-227-4513 or write to us through our contact page.