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If you’re worried about taking the NYS Vehicle Inspection, don’t be. Since the program’s initial inception, we have been helping drivers in the Rochester area pass their annual inspection. Our mechanics are well-versed in the nature of the vehicle inspection, and can perform a thorough inspection of your car or truck, to ensure that you pass with flying colors.

Our Pre-Inspection Service Examines All of the Following for Potential Problems:

  • Brakes: Including, Brake Shoes, Pads, Rotors, Drums, Fluids, Parking Brake Function, Equalization, Pedals, Pedal Fade, Master Cylinder, Brake Lines,  Hoses, and Fluids
  • Suspension/Front End: Front end assembly, steering column, linkage, idler and control arms, tie-rods, gear box, steering shaft, bushings, bearings, column mounting, power steering system inspection, belts, leaks, shocks, shock mountings, springs, torsion bars, tension, stabilizer bar condition, and wheel connection points.
  • Chassis: We thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s frame for any cracks, rust areas, splits, bends, and suspension points.
  • Tires and Wheels: Visually inspect overall condition of tires, tread depth, bulging, knots, slow leaks, cracks and age deterioration, tire pressure, uneven tire patterns, and more
  • Lights: All lights and headlamps are inspected, tested, and adjusted or replaced if needed. This includes headlights, tail lights, brake lights, fog lamps, parking brake light, reverse light, turn signals and directional, license plate lights, hazard and warning lights, daytime running lights and others, as applicable.
  • Glass and Windshield: The condition and safety of all glass components is visible inspected.  If a crack over 11 inches is discovered, we can present a number of options for correcting it.
  • Safety Components: Horn, mirrors, connections and other vehicle safety components are thoroughly inspected, visually and from a functionality perspective.

Failed Your NYS Vehicle Inspection? No problem. Bring your car or truck to Ridgeway Sunoco with the fail report, and we can give you an honest estimate on what it will cost to make the necessary corrections.

We are a certified NYS Inspection Station.

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For more information on our Rochester NY auto repair services, 24/7 emergency towing, or to speak with someone at the shop directly, call Ridgeway Sunoco at 585-227-4513 or write to us through our contact page.