If You're Still Thinking About Snow Tires…

It's safe to assume that you also have a few questions. Which snow tires are best for my vehicle?  How much should I spend?  What brands are available?  Are snow tires even really that important?  In this article, let's look at each one of these questions with a little more detail.

cooper tiresWhich Snow Tires are Best for My Vehicle?

Well, that depends on a few things.  First and perhaps most determining, what type of vehicle do you drive?  Is it a Car?  An SUV?  A really big truck?  A hybrid?  As with all tires, snow tires follow the same set of rules.  In most cases, the only real noticeable difference (from a driving or visual perspective) is the larger, more grip-inspired tread patterns.  But you'll get used to it in no time.  A qualified mechanic can help you in making your selection. One brand of tires we recommend is Cooper Tires.

How Much Do Snow Tires Cost?

Most drivers are surprised to learn that snow tires, even really good ones, cost about the same as a set of decent all-season tires.  Most tire manufacturers offer a winter and snow model (or complete line, in some cases), and offer them in a widely scattered price range.  This gives drivers the freedom to choose a good, old-fashioned set of basic snow tires, all the way up to a set of ultra-performance, rugged terrain premium snow tires.  Some people like to get to the supermarket and back, some to the mountains; return, to be determined.       

What's So Special About Snow Tires?

Sliding out of control represents one of the most common--if not the most common--cause of winter automobile accidents.  And many of these could have likely be prevented or lessened, had the driver(s) taken snow tires into consideration.  Snow tires have tread patterns that are distinctly designed for performance in snow, as well as on well, icy roads. 

But there's more to winter tires than just fancy tread.  Some manufactures use special polymer formulations in their design, to improve performance under extremely harsh winter conditions.  The science behind snow tires has advanced greatly over the past decade, and they are now more safe and affordable than ever. View our Tire Service Page here.

If you'd like to learn more about snow tires, or maybe even see some in  person, call or visit Ridgeway Sunoco, one of the top-rated and most trusted automotive shop in Rochester NY.  We have an excellent selection of snow tires from brands like Michelin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, and more.  Feel free to call us in advance, to make sure we have you vehicle's size in stock.

We appreciate our Rochester area customers greatly, and look forward to helping you make this a safe and enjoyable winter season!