Emergency tow service; three words that are feared by many, liked by few, and eventually needed by all drivers at some point.  And folks, you know how bad the roads can get in Rochester NY during the winter months.  You need to be smart about this.

For those of you who have been fortunate thus far, in not having to call a Rochester towing company, keep up the great driving and maintenance.  You're obviously doing something the rest of us have yet to discover. For everyone else, you already know what a vulnerable, stressful and character-building experience it can be, when your vehicle breaks down on the road.  What can you do?  You need an honest, reputable, affordable towing service.

winter towing service

Rochester Vehicle Towing 101

Long before you ever call a tow truck company, you'll want to make sure that you're prepared, in the event you find yourself stranded on the road.  Let's face it… not all tow companies are the same, and there can only be one Ridgeway Sunoco.  Unlike us, some can take several hours to get to you.  For this reason, you'll want to keep an auto survival kit in your vehicle at all times.  It should include:

  • Emergency Water and Food Items
  • Flashlight and Flares
  • Extra Blankets and First Aid Kit
  • Gloves, Hat and Scarf
  • Battery Powered Phone Charger
  • Our 24 Hour Emergency Phone Number

The Do's and Don’ts of Winter Vehicle Breakdowns

First and foremost, stay in your vehicle.  Do not, we repeat, do not attempt to go wandering off into the known, in search of an automotive shop that may or may not be there.  A breakdown results in released adrenaline, which tends to give people the urge to brave the cold and snow on their own.  Don’t try it.  You could get lost, frostbite, hypothermia, eaten by a bear, etc..

Conserve Your Resources

You never know how long you'll be stranded.  Again, not everyone offers rush tow service like Ridgeway Sunoco.  If you eat all your food, drink all your water, drain your phone's battery playing games or posting to Facebook, you might end up wishing you had that battery power back.  Especially if the first towing company you called never arrives, or arrives hours late.

A winter vehicle breakdown can be scary, but if you prepare, use your head, and always call the winter towing professionals at Ridgeway Sunoco in Rochester, you'll be back home in a jiff.